One Step at a Time

Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering – an image of death.Buddha

My journey.  My life.  My choices. My body.  My injuries.  My confidence.  My smile. 

It’s been a journey, and definitely not an easy one, but oh my goodness has it been worthwhile. A couple of years ago I found myself trapped in a vicious cycle.  One that was exhausting and counter productive. I remember clearly seeing a photo of myself and wondering what the deuce I was doing to myself. 

I was overweight, under active and miserable with myself. I desperately was hiding my true feelings about ME from everyone including myself. I frequently reassured myself that at my age, with all my health concerns, I was doing the best I could. Then I made a decision to stop listening to the reasons I couldn’t, and to try and get healthier. 

The first twenty pounds were difficult, but I found I wasn’t as sad.  I kept walking.  I was more energetic, and I was able to walk further. 

I kept going.  Walking as much as 45 km some weeks!  I stretched, I watched what I ate.  I stumbled a few times and reverted back to my old couch potato ways. But I kept trying and even quit smoking along the way! 

Today I’m thrilled to be down 76 pounds!  I dropped a couple of sizes, regained my smile and even a little confidence!  I am here to say that if I can do it…..anyone can!  

ONE step at a time….

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