How do you do it?

How do you do it? Ever wish you had died instead? Where does your strength come from? How do you keep smiling? Does it still hurt? And other ridiculous statements that people have the nerve to say out loud. 

Every single moment of every single day is a challenge. Life is funny that way. I don’t consider myself strong, instead I move through life one challenge at a time. That’s all I can expect of myself, and here is the clincher I don’t expect anything different from anyone else. 

Every little thing in life worth having is worth working hard for. I have no desire to be perfect, I do strive to be full of grace, compassion and hope. When I talk to parents who have just buried their child and I feel compassion, I don’t say cruel things I feel their pain. Not because I have been there done that, but because I feel there is too much negativity in our world today. 

When I see a complete stranger crying on a bench at the park I feel sad. I send a silent message of hope to them. Why on earth do some feel that a snide comment is called for? People please try to be kind to one another, there is way to much nastiness already. 

I love the feeling I get when I know that I have made a difference, sometimes by doing nothing but smile. You should try it!  

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