Life happens and sometimes, there are no words sufficient to convey what needs to be said.  

Too many times to count over the years I have been blessed to be there to listen and grieve with those who trusted me with their stories. I have been brought to tears just listening, sometimes there are no words to convey my sympathy, but I am there to do what I can to ease the burden.  

I believe that by coaching and sharing my own experiences, I am able to help ease the burden of those who entrust me with their stories. Those that know me, understand they are never alone in their fears, despair or daily trials. The words are difficult and sometimes impossible. 

Love comes and goes. Moments of joy can be quickly snuffed out. Dreams that were once possible, can become impossible in the blink of an eye. There are often no words, but just to listen is an incredible gift.   

I struggle each day with the loss of my daughter. I speak, write and talk to others about it. Most will never understand the profound grief that comes with losing a child and for that I am grateful. No loss is easy and each one comes with its own kind of pain and emotions. 

Be patient, be kind and above all else just listen. Comfort if you can, and offer words if you have them. Say and do the things you would want done for you. Pay forward the comfort you receive, and let the words said in pain fly free in the next strong wind. 

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